Conscious Play, how it works

Yeah but WHAT IS Conscious Play?

Conscious Play is the adult’s go-to frame work for creating an atmosphere of joy-bloomed vitality in your everyday life.

It’s our irreverent mash up of old and new modalities people have used since time immemorial to hoist themselves in a godwardly direction.

Here on planet Play Nexus, we’ve been busy gaming consciousness tools and consciousifying all manner of games to offer easy points of access into the uplifting power of play.

You allow your your core frequency to shift, while having a Universe of fun.  Simple.


“When you start to think of different areas of your life as playgrounds rather than stuck places, you start focusing on how to play rather than fix, and that is when all your dreams start flying off the shelves.”  

~  Captaín Natt


We’ve all got these big fatto fat heads stuffed to burstin’ with unactivated brilliant, game changing wisdoms because we DON’T PLAY WITH THEM.  We try to KNOW THEM instead and in this way we keep ourselves safe from the revolution that is a playful life.

Play shakes it down, thaws it out, wears off every untrue edge and raises high the roofbeam carpenter.

Conscious play helps clean out your stuck beliefs about  joy, fun & play. The ones that are keeping you from being the light, playful honey darling that you actually are.

release your struggle and seek joy and fun

Conscious Play Dynamic #1:  You play on Purpose

Play isn’t accidental.  You choose it.  And the older you get, the more “on purpose” you’re going to have to be about creating a playful atmosphere for your best self to bloom, because it’s unlikely that our bottom-line driven world is going to do it for you.

Conscious Play Dynamic #2:  It’s just the funnest way to keep up with your ever expanding self

Your life is always moving forward, always expanding, because we live in an infinitely expanding universe. When we focus on playing in the things that matter the most to us we feel happy, satisfied, fluent, powerfully on track and uptodate with our truest lives. When we let ourselves truly go with the goingness inside of that joy, we are privvy to the delights of that expansion, and it infuses the very fibers of our being with a visceral bird’s eye view of what creation actually feels like at the cosmic level. When we don’t go with it, it feels like we’re tied to a train, being dragged along the rails.

You can’t stop expanding. It’s inherent to your beingness, but…

you can get better at going with the goingness, and enjoying the WHOLE journey of being alive, not just the manifesting a new car bits, but the wanting bits and the feeling lost bits too.

We’ve all acquired a buttload of tools and advice on all the methods, practices and tools we should be using in order to be well and happy. But more often than not, people are running about their lives with a bunch of random and rarely used tools up in the garage of their brain, and even if we’re using the tools, we’re not having much fun with the whole deal. Some of the tools we encountered in a high up moment and promptly forgot about a few days later, some we’ve read about in an Oprah magazine, felt wildly enthused about for half a day, then returned back to ourselves, unchanged, tools unactivated.

Conscious players collect tools like builders collect perfect hammers.  The framework of conscious play gives you a place to genuinely incorporate new tools, where you can develop a beneficial relationship to the tool and begin to be served by it.

Hence the activity book (yah, you can click n’ go git it if you want)

Play takes you out of your mind and into the active heart of your life.

the moment you start seeing life as playfulness

As these tools begin to serve you, rather than just taking up mental real estate, you’ll find yourself more and more in flow and in harmony with life and then will discover the 3rd principle:

Conscious Play Dynamic #3:   it connects you with your highest path

With less daily energetic resistance, you’ll be happier. Happiness is where great clarity lives. And as you steady out in this, you’ll begin to receive and uncover your mission and deepest joyful path.

Conscious Play Dynamic #4:  it makes you one humdinger of a whizzy whiz wizard

At the beginning of our lives, most of us acquire the tools we need to deal with the physical laws of the Universe. How to walk, talk and eat kind of stuff. But what we generally don’t encounter is the accompanying sister set of tools

that we need for how to deal with the energetic reality of our Beingness.

We live in a Universe of advanced harmonic frequencies. Everything vibrates and emits a frequency. Lighter feelings match up with lighter realities. Dense, heavy feelings correlate with dense, heavier realities.  Within in this context, you begin to see fun as the gentle, loving comrade it actually is, and Conscious Play as a supportive framework, helping you to match your personal frequency to the frequency of your dreams.

Throughout the Play Nexus, and in our CPU’s, you’ll encounter tools to help you do just that. Pick them up, shake ‘em, throw them up into the trees. See what happens when you approach consciousness with a playful curiosity. Act as if they were mudpies or yellow kites against a perfect blue sky. Maybe a few will want to hop in your adventure bag.

In this playful and tender way, you begin a beautiful habit, that of Playing With Beingness, rather than driving hard at it and trying to fix and force and ram and obliterate.  You play by making choices, by having fun, by not acting out of the voices in your head that are trying to tell you this is a waste of your time, but instead, by listening to the voice of your higher self who is already reaching for her favorite blue marker and grinning her fool head off.

when you're not having fun you're missing the point