2 simple ways to REALLY  "fake it ’til you make it"


The situation:    

You’re working at home or in a small office, or the family’s been on screen time too long, and there’s a long stretch ahead but your body is just not happy, layers of stress and stuck energy have you feeling all tweaked out and grunkled.

Maybe you’re in the habit of responding when your body needs some attention, or this is a brand new level of self care for yourself, either way these  2 “fake” fixes will rock you new. 

1.   Foga  
 ( Fake + yoga = foga)  maybe faux-gahhh?

Gather up anyone in your vicinity, or go it yourself, then put on some crankin’ tunes
( just click the crazy face below and you’re half way there)

Pick music that feels “next” for you, relieving in some way.  Music can be a bridge back into the yum.  Don’t think about it.  Pick the one that has a buzz.  It’s the right one.Solo Foga:     Tune into your body and begin to move the way your body is asking, maybe it’s crazy wiggling and shaking and jumping up and down.  All your movies are in response to some inner cue from your body.  Maybe you stay in ragdoll through out the whole song.

Even taking the time to ask your body what its wanting reestablishes trust between your body and yourself and helps the body mind connection be more friendly and function..

Group Foga:    gather in a circle near music and have each person do whatever move their body is wanting/needing. And the rest of y’all do it too.  Simple.  Elegant. And usually (in my crowd) twerk heavy.

Encourage trueness.  If their body is really wanting something, chances are my body wants it too.

I love this form because we sometimes do deep Dave O’Shana deep energy clearing techniques, ninja stuff that challenges me, or an inspiring 20 sequence of sun salutations, all of it happening in a super fun and relaxed atmosphere that keeps my resistance at bay and my willingness up.

We incorporate these into meetings, family gatherings, or just our daily lives.  It’s a powerfully fun conscious play practice that brings cohesiveness and fun to anyone who wants to get jiggy with right now.

“In dancing and singing, you are discovering and releasing the energy of emotion, allowing it  to flow through you and out of you.”  Gabrielle Roth

2.  Fance Parties

I dance like I breathe: all the damn time and deliciously.  It’s a wide open playspace for me but it used to be something I secretly dreamed of.  Fake dancing changed that.  When I fance, I don’t try to get it right; I try to get it fun.  And fun is a generous and forgiving goal.   When I fance, I am not caring what others think of me, I only care if I’m in the groove and loving it.  If there’s one thing I’ve come to know its that if the soul calls a dance party, you gotta pick up the phone however you can.

What you’ll need:  headphones, a music makah, and a private space.  I like bathrooms.  Especially public ones.  The private kind with a light you can shut off and a lock is the best.   I can’t tell you how many roadtrips have been restored back to shimmery awesomeness by me twerkin’ out in a reststop bathroom.

the method: , lights off, lock the door, headphones in and volume on high.

I turn my Iphone away from me so as I whirl, it splashes lights on the walls of the room, like a private club, just for me and my fantastic and always perfect fance party.

Faking something gives you permission to bring a beloved way of playing closer to you, and allows you some kind of access.  Touching it all, reignites and opens all kinds of doors.  What can you start fake playing with now?  Foccer?  Folf?  Feditate?Sometimes I can’t find time to properly meditate, but I can close my eyes at a red light and breathe three perfect,deep breaths.  I can pause outside the door before I enter a meeting and close my eyes and find my calm quiet center before going in.   Where can you fake it wide open?

Loving you,

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