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Brand new – The Joy Stream!

When you are LOGGED IN, you have access to your real time joy stream where other players can send you play-ups, favorite memes, and much more! It works kind of like Facebook’s notifications but crafted to our special needs as leading edge conscious players. Wherever you see the shareicon you can click on it to share that item with any of your joy buds on The Play Nexus! Your personal joystream viewing button will appear in the Web Play Ups sidebar on all our pages (except the home page) when you get sent a joy item.

Try doing a focus wheel ping-pong with a bud. Start a wheel and fill in up to the first item then use the joy stream share to send it to a joy bud. They can fill in the next item and share it back and ping and pong and the deeper you both will go!

If you don’t see your joy bud in the lists, have them log in once to The Play Nexus. This can now be done through Facebook, Google, and many other social networks. Once they have logged in, you should see them in the list when you type any part of their name or email address.

 Note: Add something to your own stream to save it or bookmark it for later! 

Some of our other leading play-ups are now available over in the sidebar too!

Try the Joy Cloud to float you up or the Focus Wheel to tune you in.

Don’t wait to try the Joy Cloud. It is a very powerful way to consciously tune your focus and stabilize your grid. Once filled in it will follow you on all our pages. Try doing a new one each morning and feel the zing throughout your day!

Now read Nathan’s blog on the joy stream

And stay tuned for more…


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