Bouncing back into Love

As I travel, sometimes I encounter something that just takes me to my knees; a contrast so difficult that I have a hard time even remembering that I can approach it consciously and with love. 

Recently I discovered that a beautiful old friend of mine has gotten a taste for drugs and is chronically out of alignment.  At first I felt such a wallop of emotions I scarcely knew what to do with myself: grief, anger, profound sadness, disappointment, frustration, despair at being able to help, all coming in a tsunami that threatened to topple me.

Luckily, I’ve been practicing what I preach and doing my conscious play tools every day, and often several times a day, and have been feeling really grounded, steadily delighted and in flow with All That Is. So when I discovered this, the pain was so unfamiliar that it couldn’t get any real traction and pretty soon I decided to pull out my Adventure Bag and sift through to see what tools might help me come back to grace on this subject.

I began with the Ho’po onoYesso wheel that our magus engineer designed. I’d not seen it since he finished it and I was blown away to discover, within this problem, places where I could own and release the reflection of the problem in myself. I felt relief and growing betterness as I proceeded through the wheel.  After I finished, it was clear that I wanted to meditate, one of my favorite tools in my Adventure Bag.  It allows me to leave the tangle and return to my clear, Source-connected perspective on a subject.  

After I meditated I realized what was bothering me: the playspace I shared with him is not truly open for me because he is being dishonest about his own experience and so no true intimacy could bloom.  That was where my wobble was. I felt unsafe playing with someone who wasn’t willing to own their choices.  I must be expecting or focusing on that to bring it in so I headed over to Grid land and started a grid for how I wanted to feel in all my shared playspaces.  

Free!  Loved, safe, trusting, all there, no holding back, healthy, high on life and Source connectedness!  Drawing in clear, high up freedom seekers, blessed.  Clear, Sure, Happy, beloved, joined, satisfied, in flow together, riding Ikrans like in Avatar.

After I finished with these tools, I felt so much closer to Solution/Yes energy and so much further from Problem/No energy.  I realized I’m excited to have an honesting, loving talk with him and to true the laylines of our playspace.  I feel deeply grateful to the situation for showing me where I have some wobble in my vibration.  

I’m so grateful to the Travel by Yes team for helping to co-create and evolve the Conscious Play Framework.  You’re seriously the best team a girl could ask for.  Nathan you outdid yourself on this project!  I’m so excited to be seeing so many more people thinking of how they can play in and through something rather than fixing.   I’m seeing people gently gathering up the nuggets and insights from their playful epiphanies and lovingly packing their adventure bags and I GLOW with mama bear pride.  

So much love to you beautiful players!

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