Once you come into alignment with your own connection to the great creative life energy, it’s fun and expansive to connect with others in creative play and in love.

The entire field quivers at the slightest twinge of pain or pleasure.  In other words, the field is aware.

Deepak Chopra


As we meander deeper into this whole Being a Company Thing, we are learning how to play with and in business. 

Not like we see the world doing, but what feels fun and meaningful and good to us.  Everyday we hone, get closer in, laugh more. 

Here’s what we got so far:

Don’t make decisions from a place of misalignment.
If you feel bad or urgent, you’re not seeing it properly. Get your ninja focus on and come back into alignment with your larger self. Then look. Then decide.

Play it through, until you play it New.  Often there’s a big release, epiphany or deep fun just beyond the cranky/tired/give up phase.  Be particular when you’re about to quit.  Do you just need a nap or a breath?

Be grateful for and focus upon the Yesses and grateful for and willing to bounce off the No’s.  No’s bring clarity and are essential to growth, but when we deal with them by complaining and lamenting, we start to live in the no’s and the organization follows where our focus is.  Build a yes centered culture using Appreciative Inquiry, shared Gratitude practices, and Conscious Play tools.

Be brave about tending and sharing your dreams.
What we’re truly excited about naturally gets most of our resources. A company that learns to play in dreams together, consistently, begins to channel resources powerfully.

Holy Shmeeemooobles, take care of yourself, first.
People who are happy, are SO POWERFUL and have SO MUCH MORE TO GIVE than people who haven’t tended their own ecosystem of joy. Working at the Play Nexus means a steady dialogue with joy.