highest excitement = Get Out of Jail Free card

When you come awake and realize that what you think and how you vibrate has something to do with what happens in your life, usually, some version of “all hell breaks loose” happens, right?

You realize that that the rules you were following, and that didn’t really work and surely didn’t make you happy, are not on the table, but you don’t have all that much of a clue about alternatives (you have clues, but not confidence or a plan or surety yet) and so you spend some amount of time in that limbo area of both trying to use action to force stuff to happen AND try to woo magic shit into being too? Wait, how does reality work?

For me, paying Really High Quality attention has helped me move myself along in this limbo. I pay the best attention I’m capable of to noticing how I’m feeling when I do or say or how I’m feeling about a future manifestation adn then I keep paying good attention as the results come in, which means I take the feed back vibrationally rather then personally.

For example, something I like comes in, I say, “yay! I was calibrated to allowing that! Go me!” Something I don’t like comes in, I say “yay! I was calibrated to allowing that! Go me!” Just kidding. I’m fucking human. I take a beat to hate it. And feel my feels about manifesting something I don’t wantI still try like the dickens to own that I vibrated in such a way that brought me here. This acknowledgement allows me to stay Connected to Source energy even when I’m eating a poop sandwich I didn’t intend to manifest.

You will prolongue the limbo if you don’t do this consistently cuz you’ll get confused and then self doubt will corode your engines. And deliberate creators do not want doubt-coroded engines on their rocket ships.

The fastest way I know of to move through the “limbo do I REALLY create my own reality?” phase is to make room in your heart to “follow your highest excitement” as Bashar says and become aware that inspiration to do stuff is often guidance from our Total Selves leading us to best opportunity, rendezvous or some elevated emotion that will catapult us into a clear empowered state of being where everything is clear and you just know what to do and you are incapable of doubt about your creative powers.

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