Give doubt a kiss

kiss it!

know it

When I woke up this morning I was excited about a project, fresh and happy feels about it. Two nights ago I had fallen asleep in a pit of hard, cold feeling despair about it. Somehow, between then and now I figured out how to give doubt a kiss.

Doubt about something you feel clear and good about wanting, is an indicator that a portion of you hasn’t fully come to the party yet, that some bits of you are still locked under the prison bubbles of old beliefs, like “I can’t do this” or “no one can do this.” And so when you trace the line back to that belief, doubt is the obvious choice!

But! As we KNOW dreams are lighthouses wooing us to become the person capable of getting across those choppy unknown waters. The whole point of desire is to draw moreness through us. When you take this knowingness to your doubt, you kiss it. It’s like saying, hi, old belief, boy, we had some good times didn’t we? But wow, that lighthouse is SO BEAUTIFUL and I think I want to go for it, okay? And I think this means how I understand myself is gonna get bigger than I’ve ever known. So…

here I go …

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