how to clear ANY relationship

If you are tired of getting caught up in what feels like the shallows of life and missing your true and truly deep engagement with your true life, I offer this perspective. We get fascinated by approval from outer to the detriment of our inner aligning to our own Essentiality.   This eventually leads to being way the fork tangled up in unsatisfying relationships that simply do not have room for your Essential Self to bloom.  

This process is designed to untangle you, systematically, from those briars on the banks of the river of your Essentiality. Each time you go through the process feel yourself floating out into the Deeps of You. Feel your deeper self cheering you on.  

Use this 4 step process over the next few weeks to set yourself free in whatever relationships don’t feel as clear as you like! I recommend using it when you feel “triggered” by them. HAVE FUN setting yourself free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Warm up by recognizing that this person is simply reflecting back an activated vibration you got going on – your freak out is about you taking it personally instead of vibrationally, call ‘em up in your heart’s mind until it feels as tho they are really here and then drop into your heart as you say this to them with genuine feeling: i’m sorry (I forgot about vibration, and how I am only getting back from you what I focus on and expect), please forgive me (and let us move energetically, now, back towards ease and joyous remembrance of the Game!), thank you (for revealing a portion of my ego’s rigidity I couldn’t see elsewise) , I love you (as we are all one and love is the first true step toward coming home)

2. Identify a core thot that’s a humdinger for you about this person.  Try to see the question beyond the ego rigidification that’s happened and imagine that this work is helping the Greening take over this portion of your interior that is asking for it and this person is bringing the fastest path for light to come in, continue with process in this awareness:

I’m ______________ at ________________ cuz they ______________________. Now work it open:  

is it true? am i sure it’s true? how do i feel when i think it? who would i be without this thot?

3. Now feel em’. This probably shook some shitty feeling emotions loose.  Identify a feeling you have about this person that feels even a tad relieving to feel. Close you eyes and JUST FORKING FEEL IT. Feel it until the wave crashes, so to speak or it feels kind of “done.” Then ask: what’s beneath this? Then go feel that emotion. And so on for a bit. Don’t think, feel. Don’t try too hard on this, just practice feeling. Play with, experiment with feeling what you run from. This step is often challenging. Buck up buttercup. Seth says “

4. Then go into the ring (read this breakthrough little ebook I wrote about where and how true relationshiops work and dare to use you imagination and focus to be where your core essential relationship is THRIVING and jiving!

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