Indiana Jones & the lover playshop   ( her perspective )

how do I play INSIDE of love …

To give you a sense of the scope of my journey as a lover:   

I was once so wholly baffled by love that when it went wrong, I would uproot my entire family’s lives in reactive helplessness to the drama of romance, having to move, and to seethe and blame and all that hullabaloo all ending in me feeling all sorts of unlovable, and all sorts of unable to change that.  

Fast forward to now, where last night I taught my first Lover Playshop with my Good Sweet Man and we rocked it  AND we have a waiting list for the next session (which we’ll do a lottery to choose.)   

I’ve gone from being out of control at the hands of dramatic romance, to being a teacher of a deeply conscious and playful way of loving that locates you in and deepens your center.  I’ve learned how to be as playful in love as I am in dancing or making mudpies, as loose, honest and true.

All that and I’m not even sure if such things as Lover Playshops actually exist, and perhaps this is one of the enormous pleasures of it all for me: being a kind of Indiana Jones of play.  Instead of whips and hat, I have a toolbox of games and sweetie pie processes that players can use to stay friendly and in proximity, even as they grow through challenges.


To be clear! I still want the jacket.


me n’ my honeyHoneylove

What a kick I get out of doing a thing that maybe ain’t been done before!  And doing it well! The first lover workshop was gorgeous, right out the gate, in fact, it was exactly as beautiful as I’ve dreamed it.  Which adds another layer of delight and satisfaction, that I’m using my deliberate creation skills to build the most delicious reality imaginable.  In the key of love

Finally, recognizing the Indiana Jones bit softens something that’s been a wee bit stuck:  How the heck do I answer the bajillion questions I get about play and what it is EXACTLY and how it all WORKS.  

I realize that I’m an adventurer on the frontier of conscious play.  Magellan didn’t know exactly what was on the other side of that good feeling urge. He just knew that his path was through that Straight, through the unknown, fueled by the delight of Going with the Goingness, with being in throes of genuine inspiration.

And I have no idea where all these playshops and all the work around conscious play leads, but I’m thrilled and ready on this incredible horizon.  And unlike so many stalwart adventurers who have gone afore me … 

I’m not alone.  

This ship of Discovery is full of loving playhomeees, like my Bernie and my Don and my playful community and all the new apprentices who are studying how to offer playshops all around the world, and like you, reading this blog about love and play, and sailing right along with all of us, in our hats and our cool leather jackets.  

(pssst ….  stay tuned for His Version of the journey coming up next!)

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