Know It

Life is easier if you play with it

Clarity comes through play

If it ain’t fun, you’re not seeing clearly yet — focusing well brings back the fun

Every area of life can be playfully approached, and playfully set free


Who:  The Play Nexus is full of people who play on purpose and actively embrace the deeply expansive life that play brings.  Cap’n Natalie runs things, Hannah Lee is the Queen of Connection and Becca, the Love Boss, keeps every one breathing and love-centered. We run a joy-based community, a Play Church & a Consulting Business.

This is a whirling NEXUS of conscious players.  It’s moving, even now, even as you read this, a new player learns how to stabilize in their joy and whiz a little higher, or a mother stops fussing for a moment and gets distracted by her child’s invitation to play on the trampoline and then gets lost to an afternoon of jumping and laughing and falls asleep that night, clear and happy and ready for the first time in ever. Every 3 seconds a life is saved by play.

(I just made that up, but it’s actually probably very exactly true)

So, if you’re the kind of folk to play on purpose, if you’d rather laugh than fuss, if you get excited when you see people having fun, you might have good, meaningful fun here too.  Welcome home, beautiful player.

the moment you start seeing life as playfulness


Where:  We work out of our office in Portland, ME, but mostly we go where the fun is, we tend to do our best work/play where the conversation is freshest.

What:  We teach & coach conscious play to organizations and individuals all around the world.  We also facilitate deep play experiences in a variety of situations. Our players range from meditation teachers, to people running circus schools, from young mamas playing their way into motherhood, to negotiators using playfulness to elevate their clients into the Usable/Playful range. They’re all united in their willingness to play on purpose, to play through the hard stuff instead of staying stuck.  For this tribe, conscious playfulness is the most efficient and beautiful way of being alive.

We use a lot of gamed-up tools and tooled-up games to keep us in the flow. Our ever-steady favorites are gridding, focus wheels, creative workshops, and the work. These help us keep growing in the ways we want to grow, leaning into our sweet conversations with our dreams, dancing with our bestest and brightest selves. These tools are relevant to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Particularly to people who are ready to be wooed into the power of their own focus, tuning in to their emotions and finding their close-in hell yeses in life.

Keywords you might find here:

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Why:  Play compels your attention away from problems and lifts you and your organization towards solutions.  When we are playing at something we love, basketball, skiing, cooking, painting, whatever, we are naturally motivated and we’re able to bring the resources of total willingness and interconnectedness to the situation.  When you discover how to play with your work, to play with your vision and with the different areas of your life, things begin to flow with the natural momentums inherent to joy.


How:  Players join the Nexus by beginning to play with us.