“After a bomb killed two dozen young people at a Tel Aviv Disco a few years ago, Israeli youth refused to be cowed.  They resumed a robust nightlife.  Today, outside the scene of the bombing, beneath a stone memorial listing the names of the dead, is a single inscription: LO NAFSEEK LIRKOD.

It means, “We won’t stop dancing.”  –Gene Weingarten, The Washington Post Magazine

Tool:  Allowing a playspace to deepenBackstory:    Yeah, so okay, I’ve been totally watching cheesy dance movies all by myself and LOVING THEM and feeling wildly inspired by them.  AND yeah, I totally passed on going to a two week dance camp.  And have decided to not go to ecstatic dance anymore.  AND yeah, I’ve totally been dancing alone in crazy places, in bathrooms, on the roots of trees that crawl out over the precipice of an island with new baby eagles, in the driver seat while the whole car is rolling with wild dancing people.

As my daughter infamously once said when she woke from a nap, inside of a crib that was being moved onto the moving truck, “What the heck is doing?”

What the heck IS doing?

I think what is doing, is that my dance playspace is deepening, like a hue, like an inevitability, like an epic tale.

And if I try to stay doing the same things, and pretending I am satisfied by them I’ll get nutzo and probably try to eat someone to relieve tension.

Playspaces are where we get to keep up with our expansion.  The play itself becomes a boat that locates us on the river of life and allows us to stay afloat, and lets the spirit whoop it up in the human realm, but that boat keeps moving.   And instead of clinging to where my dance boat has taken me, I’m becoming curious about where it’s taking me now…

I know that dance is where my body becomes a net for what the soul requires. So, just like in a relationship, I must stay present in the conversation, truly listening for what is next, what wants to come through this gorgeous net.


photo (50)

What I want more of:  More lined up intentions.   OMG, do I love synching up intentions!  When players share a similar willingness and vision for the dance there is so much harmony and honey.

I want MISSIONS and high jinxs and impossible moments and deep, edgey play at the edges and in the centers… I want to join with people in high up places via dance. I want more body skills to go deeper into the play. I’d love to have a few wonderful local dance partners who help me explore the edge, who are listening, who don’t want to wallow in the stuck places, who are so familiar with joy and blooming that the compass of dance plays points to the second star to the right and straight on ’till morning.

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