Travel by yes is a lifestyle experiment of the Play Nexus, a query, a magic question, how do you shape your life around your brightest yes?

And, then, all those questions beneath, what is my yes? How do I take my hands off the wheel and allow the Universe to coalesce around my truest yesses?

It’s evolved into a way of being alive in the world, using yes to navigate by.  A useful tool for young folks, or people in transition who want to play open their life options.

It’s also a literal inquiry because a part of the Play Nexus is on a slow travel mission to play their way all the way around the ding dang world, following their deepest Yesses.  Why?

Because it’s the funnest way to be alive, right now, for them. Who knows what happens next?

We’re so freaking excited to find out.

We bring our playshops and whahooery everywhere we go and love being hosted by happy people!  If you’re interested in having Travel by Yessers in your home, click here, and we’ll find you whenever we’re playing in your part of this amazing world.


Find Beauty Now is the exploration of how and where people find beauty.  Don Norman, aka Zanzibar Buck Buck Mcfate is the father of this beautiful project and is slow traveling his way around the world, photographing and documenting people’s profound encounters with beauty.  Click here if you’d like to be interviewed/beauty danced with.


Boogies!  Are online play ups for all da players in the world to bounce together into their best weekends together.  They’re free and fun and connect people in new conscious funs.  They happen in a secret group. Let us know if you’d like to be added, please include in the comments: a playful intro and why you think you’d be a good fit for this group!

belize cave P1070207 leaving luminous things in unexpected places DSC_0701

Neverland Beach eco-resort is a play centered eco resort forming in Punta Gorda, Belize. From their mission statement, “There are tons of opportunities to play at Neverland Beach. We believe play keeps us connected to each other and to ourselves. So, come scuba dive, hike the jungle, kayak, create a masterpiece in the art treehouse, play video games with your kids (or without them), swim in the saltwater pool, play a variety of sports, and bounce on our trampolines – on land and in water. As you get lost in play, you’ll find yourself filled with joy and reconnected to the family you love.  Connect and play with them on facebook or on their beautiful and Reuben designed website

Neverland beach was founded with the idea that families who play together stay together. According to founder, Kristin Harling,

“Through deep play and the true joy that comes from it, we are able to reconnect with ourselves and the people we love. Time and time again I see people in marriages on the brink with kids on the edge fall in love all over again in deep and meaningful ways through play.”