Our favorite new game

Yesterday was Frankie Blue’s first day as a Play Darling.
A Play Darling is the name for one of the 2 awesome people who will facilitate the day and help coordinate projects, tend the rug rats, offer bandaids and well-timed sandwiches.  But most importantly, they offer playful opportunities to help our growing team stay connected, happy and evolving together in the e’er joywardly direction.
Frankie insisted that we not stoop to lesser forms of tag and instead try this new fangled version of tag, where everyone is it, all the time.  We love it because it levels the playing field.  A young child can “win” for a moment, as easily as an athlete.  

The Rules of Perpetual Tag, (as I understand ’em, having heard the rules just once)

1.) Skip the part where you pick an “it” because you are all it, all the time.2.) You’ll need a jail!

3.) When you tag someone they go to jail!

4.) If you tag each other at the same, you’ll need to solve it with Rock, Paper, Scissors.  One round, loser IMMEDIATELY goes to jail.

5.) If the person who tagged you goes to jail, you get out of jail!  You get a count of 5 to get clear of the jail before you can be tagged again. Count LOUDLY!

6.) Rinse. Lather. Repeat, until you’re so happy you’re ready for the next Yes!

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