Caravan to Leaf Festival Black Mountain, NC May 12 – 15

Craving Adventure?  So are we.  

Let us sally forth, together.


The Play Nexus crew is caravanning to North Carolina for the Leaf Festival as a way of exploring aliveness, having deep family creative play together. We’ll maintain the Play Jay system that helps our intentional community thrive.


Wanna come?

We leave May 8th and will be gone at least a week.  Our flexibility for return dates depends on how many cars sign up.

We’ll be playing tribally along the drive, camping, truth or daring, and deeply engaging the world, making videos and saying big Yes to this amazing dance called life.


Here’s the criteria for joiners:

  • You know how your own joy works and you tend it.
  • You heart adventure and feel ready for one.
  • You are easy with kids and respond from your center to their enthusiasm for All of Life.
  • You love wild people, wild things and wild places and are thirsty for deep soul engagement.
  • You have a vehicle to lend to the endeavor!
  • You have the basic gas/food pay in for the round trip ($300 ish) Kids are free!
  • You are either volunteered at Leaf or have bought your ticket
  • you are PUMPED TO DANCE! And frolic and drum and hike the Blue Ridge

Let's Play Together