“… (way) funner than any other church AND! I leave feeling closer to Source and happier than I have ever been before …”

Participant, Omaha Free Play Church Series

If you love Abraham Hicks, if you find yourself using adventure and joy to clear your head and carve out better access to your connected, Source-merged self, than Play Church might be right up your alley. It’s a once a week unique phenomena that participants struggle to adequately describe because it doesn’t fit into anything they have experienced before as it is deliberately designed to live on the leading edge of consciousness, so, welcome to the best party in town!

Meet Pastor Natalie

Hi! I’m a recovering serious person. I used to have this thin wire of chronic fear about, well, pretty much everything, that reduced my capacity to be with, or play with a moment, and therefore to discover its true depths, or to meet them at all. I have found that through nearly two decades as a joy counselor and teacher of the mystical arts, only play steadily works, only in my deepest giving over the divine joy buzz do I ever truly line up with the heart of the universe, heart of god, source’s bass beat, the resonant humm… you get it, you have your own name for it, I’d love to hear that name.

I have four children, a grandchild and one on the way, his name will be Tuckamore! I live and love in the blue mountains of North Carolina. I run the Joy Without Borders projects which seeks to bring joy consciousness … well, to every freaking where.

What to Expect

Play Church is a small hot air balloon in your life that brings lift, perspective and a necessary joyful lift. It goes a little like this:

~ join zoom call (info in next section)

~ Take a 1.5 hour joy ride with Play Pastor Natalie Marie Kinsey, beginning with a group dance party all around the world, and ending with a shared imaginal mediation, taking you somewhere you have never been. Expect silliness, creative prompts, expect the unexpected.

How to Attend

Way back, five thousand years ago, before a pandemic, before a lot of things that challenged our comfortable norms, play church used to happen on rivers, in Tai Chi studios, in real churches, and now, thanks to a nudge from the Universe, it’s coalescing into an online format so we can all play well, together, simply, and effectively. Join in on the Zoom call here with password: joyworks! and tithe or donate here.

The Goal

To be clear, there is a hope, a dream, and that is to help folks reconnect with their innation Connection to spirit, to listen and play better with that connection and to dare to bring that connectivity to their beautiful lives. The Joy Without Borders Crew calls this the One Billion Mystics Initiative, to help one billion people unlock their personal connection to Source energy and to begin to live their lives from that connected way.