Scavenger Hunt for your Essential Joy

When you stop trying to hammer shit into place using action and goals and relax into just being your Essential Self – when you let your goals be whatever the fork serves that Essentiality – you’ll notice this buzzy feedback when you get close to whatever is essential to YOUR joy, YO! That’s your deeper self hailing you. Personal Joy buzzles are a beacon. Follow it like you’re a lost ship on a dark stormy sea. Follow the lighthouse of your genuine joy however the fork you can.

~ nmk
breaking free like…

Y’all! We get more of what we activate with our attention and expectation! How about using this home-time at home to reconfigure how and what you do with your super-resource: your attention! May I be so bold as to suggest a Joy Scavenger Hunt? I may. I just may.

Joy Scavenger hunt tips:

Joy is deeply personal cuz it’s an indicator of proximity to your merged, full self. Don’t waste time trying to do things other people say are joyful. Open up a dialogue with your inner jamband and start listening like you’re on drugs at a Grateful Dead concert and you are starting to feel it.

Look within. Using meditation, or meandering walks, or fantasizing play, imagine who you are in your Essential way and anchor to that state, like, hi home, I’m coming home. (how does it feel to walk in the world when you’re just you, unfettered and dancing all day with the gods within you?) And see yourself reanchoring to your true nature. Scavenger hunting for threads of your own joy gives meditation time a whole new shine!

Enlist the Universe in your joy hunt, and intend to be given/shown/offered the best of what you are in range of vibrationally at any given moment. So that as you keep growing you stay in the high points, manifesting the funnest, lightest option, all connecting you to and deepening your relationship with your Essential Self 

listen or watch something when you feel called to do so (but keep checking in as you do, cuz 10 minutes might relax you enough to hear what you REALLY want to do.) For example, you could check out the Gladcast, our rampage style podcast about a deliberately created joyfull life. Today’s podcast episode on what joy really is (it is personal to you only you cuz it indicates a proximity to your deeper self’s hailing!  have a listen

Clear up something that’s bothering you. Take some portion of your human attention and direct towards some confusion, toleration or weird feeling until it clears up. Imagine your are liberating yourself from a tangle on the side of a Glorious River that you seek to be free in.

Have a yes day. Decide for one day to say yes to as much as you can without joining a cartel or marrying your neighbor. Play with your habitual no. Play with the part of you that’s wants to do crazy shit and play way bigger and more freer. Let the experience open up the inner doors a bit. Let it nudge you in a more yessier, more You-ier direction.

Lastly! Bring home little filaments, tokens or expresssions from you scavenger hunt to weave into your home environment, and start weaving a nest of your Essential nature in your now reality.

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