The Players Way

Ahoy mateys!  


The Player’s Way is an exploration of how play can help you do you, in the funnest and most powerful way possible.  It’s based on the 4 quadrants theory of conscious play.  There are local classes, an online game, and a One Extraordinary Day Playshop.


The four Quadrants of the Player’s Way


Vibrational Cartography – 

Learning to journey vibrationally helps us not be distracted by the peaks and valleys of our now personalities. Instead we pierce through into the energetic realms: how is the energy moving? and are you having any fun playing with it?

Like a star pirate, you’ll learn to chart your vibrational journey, and start to move with the wind instead of being plowed under by it.


Pack your Adventure Bag  – 

I use the word “adventure” because it reminds me of the 100 acre wood and gets me in a playful frame of mind. Calling it an adventure bag focuses my thinking on what my larger aim is and how I intend to use the things inside the bag.

I’m not aiming to succeed, to achieve, to win approval or even fortune…

I’m here to deeply and fully adventure with my own existence, to sally forth, to saunter, swag, leap and new frontier the shit out of this “one wild and precious” life.


Creative Portal –

You can’t adequately express or know yourself without engaging your creativity.  It is only in the making of something that we come to know our true creator nature, and to come home again to those powers in a really tangible and deliciously thoughtfree way.  It’s also a way of communicating things that haven’t run round the language factory yet, and in fact never should.  

There’s a huge portion of your bandwidth that you’re trying to think your way through. Cut it out. You need a different interpretation tool.  Let’s get creative with those urges. and keep your compass tuned and pointed north.

Adventure Wormhole –

In the movie Spanglish, the dad character played by Adam Sandler gently wakes up his kid with, “good morning. It’s not time to wake up. It’s not even time to think about waking up, but it’s time to think about thinking about it.” Pause for effect. “Are you thinking about it?”  

You are the Adam Sandler dad character. Tiptoe on into your psyche-lair, fun house-dance land head and find your sleeping sloth teenager Fascination.  Gently whisper to her that it might be time to start think about thinkin’ about waking up.”

  • Feel a little mystified about your own steady joy?
  • Would you like to be clearer about how to actually really play with life?
  • Wanna learn how to wizard things rather than muddling, muggle through?

Catch a One Extraordinary Day Player’s Way near you!

April 23rd, Portland Maine

September 21st, Cork, Ireland

August 7th, Asheville, NC

October 31st, Burnsville, NC



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