The straddle

I like how tuning a vibration works. It’s astonishing, really. I was about to say that if you told me when I was a young child that I could just want something, imagine it is mine, know that is mine, before I have ANY evidence of its mineness (besides the surety and joyful clear anticipation feels in my heart) I would have told you to shut the front door. And keep on walking. My childhood was full of this other teaching, that enoughness is elusive, poverty is right around the corner, always, and you have to work very very hard and trade your moments in exchange for financial renumeration. 

When I dial in the math on this, with the light of clear knowingness of creation active in my heart I see it as a math equation so obviously wrong I feel embarrassed for not having fact checked my work earlier.

I mean, that’s what it comes down to, right?  All our moments are manifestations.  We expected something and got into range of allowing it or not allowing it and your lives reveal this math, without exception.  Except, we are terrified of doing the math of vibration because … o, shit, because so many things, right?  

We don’t do the vibrational math because we are worried we will be seen as uncaring jerks for daring to look at challenges as vibrationally complex indicators of how we are creating.  At a certain level of consciousness it seems cold or unfeeling to look at a single black mother’s plight through the lens of vibrational awareness. I GET IT.  And yet, if you truly believe that we are creating our reality, then how is it helpful to see her, that mama with a different colored skin, as a helpless victim without access to Source energy, and yet you have that access?  Why? Why would you have the fun of learning to hold yourself vibrationally accountable and to learn the steps of the dance of genuinely creating a reality you love, and yet advocate for her to get more government funding or some kind of hall pass from this conversation?  

How is it helpful to use the single most visible person in the world, President Trump, to get yourself so riled up you go unconscious and the contribute, energetically to the problems by sending rage energy out into the world. Is unconscious rage, blame and revenge the energy you wish to contribute to the world?  No? Me neither. This is why I have begun to do REGULAR energy clearing work on Donald, including, daring to speak his name, as I would a treasured friend. As I work with kiddos on learning to be vibrationally accountable in relationships I often tell us that we manifest other people into our worlds to help us learn how to actually Become the people we want to be. They help us work out all the details and skill build the love stamina it takes to be awake to the vibrational nature of reality in an infinitely expansive world.

Did you hear that last bit?  The infinitely expansive world bit?  Do we want life to continue?  If yes, than we want expansion to continue. The moreness is the very essence of life on earth. If we want the moreness we must embrace the challenges that occur that elicit from us askings and clarities about what and how that moreness looks and feels like. The challenges this pandemic offer also are calling in a very clarified, deliciousfied and way more zinging and heart alive future.  The way so many people have lost their spiritual captaincy to a beautifully trying man named Donald is so helpful to see! And it’s calling in the largest return to spiritual captaincy I have ever seen. 

Spiritual Captaincy means you take full ownership for what you draw into your life experience, how you respond and what you create.  It’s removing all the hall passes we use to stay small and dishonest and ineffective. Donald has called more people to dust off their Captain Spirit Butt hat than anyone I’ve ever seen.  That reach for the hat of full empowerment sometimes looks like lingering in blame and anger. That’s okay.  If you just feel those feelings and keep imagining what it feels and looks like to feel happy about the life you are deliberately creating, empowered and proud, joyful and in your integrity, than you can relax into charting a course there, instead of charting a course for creating more pockets of unaware and disconnected anger.

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