a group of Yes- flavored  Bombastic 

Fliers.  JoyHumans for short.  Happiest on 

the Leading Edge.  Genius

Lovers. Professional Sweethearts.

Work it


Here’s some other things we do:

sing. together. alone. head out the window. on long long soul expanding roadtrips, we sing we sing, we sing

Coach.  Teach. Listen. Help.

Ask juicy questions.  Create and Open spaces that bring proximity to solutions and deeper clarity and MORE FUN

We open, tend and expand playgrounds, literal and inside ones too

Develop, teach, live and co-evolve the concept of conscious play

Build neato mood builders that you can use to generate the state of being you need to be in to play how you wanna

Adventure people home

Whizbang, play-fly, and Source merge    

Start play churches all over the all over

Nest in our project playgrounds

Find new ways to up the ante, play more, taste more, Beeeee more, love deeper, yes more deliciously and hallelujah more often 

Build Play Lands!  With zipline composts and ewok villages into the clouds

Come home, again and again, in the on purpose play. Hallelujah.






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