The play nexus connects people and organizations who find resonance with a playful approach to life because deep in their cells, it makes sense to them that being serious and hard about life is not the most efficient or best way to go about things.


These folks are “normal” people, with jobs and worries and responsibilities.  Some of them have an arty vibe or a deep enjoyment of music or dancing. Some don’t. Some have a history of spiritual interest or practice, some don’t. What unites us is our willingness to show up for our real lives, and to even consider the possibility that play can invigorate and bring a higher level of authenticity to each step of the way.

O, in so many ways, our world is already living out the vision we hold. There are so many deep, gorgeous, inspiring pockets of thoughtful, life renewing play going on.  So many people finding ways to play meaningfully together, in ways that allow them to experience more of the now.

Also, we want more (always)

We want people of every age to consciously understand why the play of their early years is accompanied by much focus, whoosh, humor, resilience and general goodness so they can begin to inquire into how that spirit of play can bring those qualities to the situations and relationships of their present life..

We want greater and more conscious permission to play to continue to sweep the globe, on all levels of play, spiritual, extreme sports, flow state arts, shared play, all of it.

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can playing more really make my life better?


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